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Scott & Shannon

August 5, 2015

Scott contacted me two months before their cruise was to arrive in Skagway. He wanted to surprise Shannon by asking her to marry him while on the cruise. That didn’t seem so unusual, until he continued, by saying, "I also want to surprise her with a wedding while in Skagway. Can you help me plan this?".

“Are you sure?” I asked. He was certain that she would love it. And love this, she did. She was thrilled that she didn’t need to plan her wedding day. It was taken care of before she even knew it was going to happen. Not every bride would love this, but Scott knew "his" bride would!

Every minute of this wedding day had me in awe, as I witnessed their love for each other.

Shannon's eyes moistened several times thoughout the day, as she looked at Scott in wonder. "How in the world did he keep such a large secret? And my, how well he knew that I would love this idea!"

Paul Murray, our local photographer, (, took photos this day. Below, his partner, Nikki Bunting, (Street Car Good Girl), and (Red Onion Bad Girl) posed outside the Red Onion with the happy couple.

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