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Leigh & Silvie

August 20, 2015

Leigh and Silvie asked, "Is there a salmon stream near Skagway?" Since fishing together was an important common thread shared between the two of them, a creek with salmon in it, was their dream wedding venue.

August is our month for the Dyea Pink Salmon Run. They were in luck!

We packed up and headed 8 miles along the coast to the flats of Dyea. On the way out, we viewed Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals devouring Pink Salmon in the Taiya River. Once there, after a half hour drive, we found the decorated arbor, canopy and table, which was filled with cake and champagne for all. Kate had gone ahead, to decorate.

While the wedding party of 23 friends and family stood next to the creek for the ceremony, the reception area laid protected under our canopy.

Silvie was excited to wade with the salmon, after ceremony's end. Paul Murray, photographer for the day, took many great photos as the family and couple enjoyed their cake, baked by Michelle of Lil Log Cabin Bakery. A chamapagne toast to the happy couple was made, and everyone headed back to Skagway for even more photos.

A visit to scenic Lower Reid Falls was followed by a walk down Broadway, where local girls at the Red Onion posed with Leigh and Sylvie. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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