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Krista and Jeremiah; Alpine Awe

Amazing Alpine. Beautiful Bride.

Photos taken by Nicki Bunting, local Skagway photographer. This is her favorite photo of the day.

What a joy to officiate for Krista and Jeremiah.

I knew, from the minute we met, that they would make this wedding day fun for everyone.

And they did. Playful Krista in her wedding dress, as you'll see.

Krista having some fun. She brought joy to this most special wedding day.

Bride in the water shot. Krista brought her boots along for the occasion.

Making Jeremiah laugh. What was it she said?

A last look back at Mom and Dad before taking the leap of faith into Jeremiah's life.

Post Wedding ride on the White Pass Train, from Fraser, returning to Skagway.

My favorite photo of the bride and groom.

My favorite bride photo. Just saying.... gorgeous.

Fireweed, Yukon's Wildflower. Found along clearings and growing after a forest fire.

It speaks of a wedding in the Far North.

Do you need to practice this dip n kiss a little more? You two were a fun couple to spend the day with. Thank you, Jeremiah and Krista. Wishing you the best, as you blend your lives.

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