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Glen and Kristin; White Pass Train Wedding

Amidst Fireweed and alpine scenery, this scenic White Pass wedding took place near the Alaskan/Canadian Border. Glen and Kristin recited their vows, as the wedding party looked on.

This 5 hour train ride began in Carcross, 70 miles away from Skagway. It included a 45 minute stop at Lake Bennett for a photo shoot in scenic Canadian wilderness. Lunch, drinks, cake, a toast and laughter were shared by all.

As wedding planner and officiant, I found this one of the more relaxed and stress free weddings of the year. The bride and groom's family roamed around their private train car at will, visiting with each other. A table in the train car, was decorated with flowers and food. No one worried whether it was going to rain or not. A train car is the perfect wedding venue!

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