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Azure Alaskan Weddings + Events was established so that you could experience the event "dream day" of your life; a day free of stress and worry, with the most beautiful outcome. That is why we are here for you! 


We love to plan events!  Whether it is a: wedding,  graduation, birthday, anniversary or vow renewal - you choose the event package and we handle the rest.  


If you are a DIY'er then let us help guide you to the best vendors and the most beautiful of venues. Or let us do it all for you and you just sit back and relax as you plan your honeymoon.


Skagway, Alaska has several scenic and beautiful outdoor locations, be it the: forest, beach, creek, lake or mountain alpine. You choose where you dream of having your celebration. In this vast landscape, there's sure to be a place that you love! 


Relax, knowing that you are being taken care of.


Let Azure Alaskan Weddings + Events plan your memorable day!

Becky Mull: Founder & Principle Coordinator

Becky lives in Skagway, where she and her daughter, Kate, own and operate a tour company and plan special events.  Azure Alaskan Events was born when clients coming on tours asked if Becky and Kate could plan their vow renewals, anniversaries and  birthday celebrations. After coordinating many special occassions, Becky and Kate planned their first wedding. 


That was several memorable outdoor weddings ago. Becky has found her passion in planning special events. Her life time love of the outdoors, combines well with her enjoyment of helping people enjoy their special day. She creates each celebration to become a simple, yet beautiful affair, while keeping the clients at ease and free of stress.


She enjoys chatting with, and getting to know couples while in the planning process, then being there with the couple to smooth the path on the day of their event.


She looks forward to helping you plan your special day, be it a wedding, birthday, vow renewal, anniversary or family reunion. 

Kate Harmon: Assistant Planner

Kate herself, is a new bride. You can read about her wedding day on this website's blog! Kate is instrumental in the planning of our weddings. She also designs our customized, one-of-a-kind, complimentary champagne flutes.


Kate's eye for details in planning and decorating, along with her ability to execute the bride's dream ideas, makes her a valuable asset to Azure Alaskan Weddings. Becky, Kristen and Kate are a team: Becky knows what is needed and the girls have the vision and artistry to make it happen. They deliver goods to the event and set up the party ahead of time. 


Kate has been a summer resident in Skagway since 2009 and enjoys spending the winters north of here, in Girdwood. She and her new husband, John, met while they guided rafting trips. They tend their own garden, enjoy hiking trips and their dog, Kai. Winter's have been spent adventuring; as there are, after all, ski slopes to be conquered and rivers to run.

Kristen Daniels: Officiant & Assistant Planner

Kristen Daniels is an officiant and assistant planner for Azure Alaskan Events and a guide for Beyond Skagway Tours.


Kristen utilizes her background in theatrical stage management and production as well as corporate events planning to assist in creating and executing amazing Azure Alaskan events. When working on weddings, Kristen’s focus is on organization and communication. As many Alaskan weddings are destination weddings, her intent is that every couple feels confident about their wedding plan and are able to relax and enjoy their special day. 


Kristen’s first summer in Skagway was in 2009. She met her husband Sean, a rafting guide and manager, while performing in The Days of ’98 Show with Soapy Smith, Alaska’s longest running show. As a couple, they are passionate about travel, and spend the off-season traveling around the lower 48 and Canada in their Airstream trailer with their dog, Soapy. 

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