This is the second time round for Becky and Ken, who were married before and wanted to be married again... no frills. We can plan a wedding for you that's very casual or a little more dressy. It's your choice!

January 16, 2019

This day was extra special for the bride, groom and children. While the family gathered round for the ceremony, back in Skagway, just the four of them, flew to the glacier afterwards. 

August 16, 2018

This couple wished to be married in the Yukon, near one of the two large lakes. Sometimes it gets windy up there, but we have a few spots to choose from. Luckily, their wedding took place on a wind-free sunny day!

Wildflower bouquet in hand and hiking boots on the bride's feet, they were off on a sho...

Meade Glacier, where this bride and groom were married, is located above Skagway. You may reach this glacier via a 40 minute long round trip helicopter ride. 

 You normally spend 40 minutes at the glacier, which gives you a total of 80 minutes, including the flight time. 

Skagway's name means "Home of the North Wind". Sometimes our weddings take place on a windy day, such as this one. We do have venues that are less windy, as you can tell in the first photo. This Yakutania Point venue is close to town, yet very scenic. 

                       Might be a windy one, but...

May 31, 2017

Colt and Kayla shared wedding vows with 20+ friends and family members. They arrived in Skagway on a cruise ship. The day began at Dedman's Stage, a five minute drive north of town.

After they spoke their vows on the lawn in front of the stage, it was time to cut the cake, eat and dance.


Joe, while in his 40's, had never been married before. "A bonafide bachelor", or so his friends thought. 

But then, along came Kim.

Kim, a nurse, appreciated that Joe took care of his ailing mother. For her, she knew she should pursue this bachelor.

It was a match made in heaven!

Joe and Kim contac...

They both worked for the same mental health company, their desks were not far from each other. It wasn't till Chris's car broke down after a camping trip, and Kelly volunteered to pick him up, that things started to heat up. On the way back, they stopped for swim in the river. There began what now i...

Smuggler's Cove Wedding with Mitch and Michelle. What a beautiful day it was. 

 Kristen, our officiant, was very happy for the newly wed couple.

 Beautiful flower bouquet, created by Martha's Flowers.

 Oh Mitch, how you eyes are only for Michelle. May that be a forever look of love.

 I love this dip n k...

 Nick and Daintry met when Nick's four wheeler broke down on the country road where Daintry lived. She welcomed Nick to stay there, while he waited for for parts to arrive. Before the four wheeler was                                          fixed, this Welsh girl stole his heart, putting an end to...

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