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Michelle & Mitch

May 2017

"Our experience with Becky, Kate, and Kristen from Azure Alaskan Events was a dream come true.  We couldn't have asked for nicer folks to help us with our wedding ceremony.  They treated us like family, and made sure to individualize the ceremony according to our wishes.  We walked off the cruise ship, and they were there with a beautiful sign and warm smiles to greet us.  The drive up to Yakutania Point was short and sweet.  We hiked a very small distance to the site, but it was scenic and well worth it.  Once we came to the spot--- we both looked at each other and sighed.  The beauty of seeing nature all around us warmed our hearts and filled us with joy.  It truly was a moment that we will cherish forever.  Best wishes on your journey.... " 

Kourtney & Rodrigo

September 2016

"Becky, Kristen, and the whole team/family helped give me the wedding of my dreams. We had an intimate ceremony near Pullen Creek, followed by our reception on board the train through the Summit. I never imagined that I would have my reception on a train riding through gorgeous mountains. This was Becky's idea and it was amazing. Her and her team our trustworthy, loving, and warm. Kristen took us to capture some photos after the ceremony and you could tell that she knew her way around the town and wanted the best for us. I can't wait to come back for our anniversary!"

Ashlee & Patrick

August 2015

"Becky was amazing! My husband and I were looking for a very simple but amazing ceremony and Becky helped us through the entire process! She picked us and our friends up directly off the cruise ship and took us to the most amazing private setting for our wedding. She handled picking up the license, the flowers, the champagne (including souvenier glasses) and was our officiant. She did an amazing job and helped create memories for us that will last a lifetime. Her patience and kindness were always overflowing and she was willing to help us create our special moment in every way that she could. Thank you so much Becky and we look forward to visiting you again someday soon!"

Meredith & Mike
May 2015

"We had an AMAZING experience with Becky as our wedding planner/commissioner. I felt a connection with Becky right away, and I feel that we've become great friends throughout the wedding planning process. She took care of everything we needed, and our day was completely magical. I couldn't have asked for anything more, and both my husband and I (and our parents, who also came along), said that our expectations were very much exceeded by how wonderful our wedding was! It was a perfect day, and thanks to Becky, we will remember it our entire lives. We've already decided to re-create the experience every 5 years by coming out to have Becky renew our vows the same way we started. I have a feeling we will know her for our entire lives! Thanks Becky, for such a perfect wedding day!!!"

Leigh Anna & Jayson

May 2015

"Azure Alaska was absolutely amazing!!! I couldn't of asked for a more gorgeous location or a more perfect day!!! We live in Washington and were only in Skagway for one day, the day of our wedding. All the planning was through phone and email. Becky always got back to me in timely manner. With us out of state Becky took all the stress off of us and it turn out to be the best day ever!! I would highly recommend Azure Alaskan Events to anyone!! Thanks for making our dream wedding day such a wonderful experience Becky and Kate!!"

Pamela & Jesse

July 2014

"Becky was such a great help with my wedding! She responded to all of my emails so quickly and was willing to work with all of my requests. The hardest part for me was that I live in CT but she and I were able to coordinate everything even from being so far apart; she would send me pictures of wedding locations, times for the drive, local hairdressers, local bakeries, etc., etc. She was a HUGE help and wanted nothing but to please my husband and I and make our day the most beautiful!"

Laura & Tim

August 2014

"Your sincerity of spirit, and knowledge of Alaska and the Yukon, created the backdrop for the wedding of our dreams!! Our ceremony was so very special - personal and beautiful! Charlotte was a dear to allow us into Jewell Gardens for our ceremony. I was in heaven!! I love English Gardens, and with the serenity of the mountain backdrop that slowly appeared with the sunshine - just in time for our kiss, our family's happiness burst forth!


Thank you for the most amazing memories. From your first email to the picnic on Lake Bennard, we had a top notch day!! Ms. Becky covered all our requests plus some!! Paul , the photographer, was fabulous and we all clicked wonderfully!! Your efforts are truly appreciated. Even the cake with the baker's fresh raspberries, picked from her backyard was fabulous!!


We ran the video of the ceremony and all of Paul's pictures, plus some of our own pics for our guests at the reception on 9/19 in DC. WOW! It was amazing. I do not think I can pick my top 10. There are more like top 1700!!"

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