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Kate & John

October 1, 2015

Kate is my daughter; John, my new son in law. May I say that this wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings on record, without being biased?

I doubt it.

The very talented Elise Giordano took amazingly beautiful wedding photos. It helped that the russet Fall colors at Upper Dewey Lake were spectacular this Fall day.

It helped that the first snow of the season dusted the wedding party and surrounding scenery, as they recited their vows.

It also helped that John and Kate enjoyed their quiet moments together, as they hiked around Dewey Lake for their photo shoot... but in the end, thank you, Elise for your fantastic job!

Alaskan girls sometimes wear x-tra Tuffs on their wedding day. The guys do too. It's just an Alaskan kind of thing.

I know, some of you are shaking your head at the mud covered boots. It's about being tuff, being in the outdoors and getting down n dirty.

You might like to give this a try. Then again, you might not.

But, as mother of this bride, and an Alaskan girl myself, I must admit to saying that this picture to the right, is my favorite photo of Kate and John.

To rinse the mud off, Kate waded into Upper Dewey Lake, her dress floating round her. Now, you have my second most favorite photo of the day.

Thank you, Kate and John, for letting this Mom be a part of your day.

Our helicopter company only flies "locals" to the Upper Dewey location, so you won't get to celebrate here unless you are local or you love to hike. This beautiful venue is located 3,000 feet above Skagway. There's an option of hiking to Lower Dewey Lake, some 1,200 feet above town, where you'll also find spectacular scenery for your event. This venue may be out of reach for some of you, but I had to post these. They are wedding photos of my daughter and new son in law, after all!

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